The Robot Takeover Has Begun and Sophia is Their Leader

I woke up this morning, and like every other morning I grabbed my phone and checked on Twitter. Expecting to see tons of pictures of the ‘Bomb Cyclone’, I navigate to the trending topics in the USA. To my surprise, there weren’t many pictures of bomb cyclone looking events, more of just a few light dustings so far. As I navigate further. I notice this robot:

Sophia the robot, developed by Hanson Robotics,  who once said she would destroy humans at the SXSW festival last year, is back again and seems to have a new outlook on “life”. OR she’s putting on a pretty good front. This Kristen Wiig looking robot brings us one step closer to Terminator, Westworld, and whatever other robot takeover movie you can think up.

Let’s set the premise for these movies, shall we? First, robots convince humanity that they are friends and helpers to us. Next, we start to notice some very interesting behavior patterns that seem to lean more towards human destruction. Finally, the robots band together for actual human destruction. I mean, have we not seen enough movies to know how this all ends?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a Rosie the Robot (Jetsons reference, for you young bucks) at my house cleaning things, cooking dinner, and doing laundry. Though, even in that show, there was still an episode where she went haywire in season 2 episode 14. I have never seen a happy robot story, but maybe, just maybe we can create one in real life (not likely).

So, Hanson Robotics, I guess the fate of humankind is in your hands now.

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